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"I was told medication and surgery were the only options."

Does this sound familiar? With Temna you will discover your other options! Temna provides holistic wellness services for mental and physical health. These services include AO scans, wellness programs, frequency energy medicine, deep emotional healing sessions, diet, herbs and supplements. Temna works with clients who suffer from the following symptoms, such as, but not limited to:






Digestive issues




High blood pressure

Hormone Balance




Mental fog


Mood swings



Sleep Problems

Weight Gain

Over 30 Years, Thousands Of Clients

Temna's Approach Works!

Health begins on a cellular level, the quantum level. Temna uses the advanced AO body scanner, to get insight into the cellular level or "root cause" of symptoms before symptoms manifest in blood tests.
Why is the AO Scan Temna's preferred body scanner?
  • Uses non invasive frequency and resonance technology for and accurate body scan.
  • Less variables then blood.
  • Research based technology.
  • Backed by scientists and medical practitioners.
  • Remote scanning for your convenience.

Temna's recommendations are based on your AO Scan results, to give you a truly customized health program, so you get results!

I Will Be Your Guide

Consultation & Coaching

No two people are alike in what
inspires them to action! "I consider all
aspects of my client's life" including physical,
mental, and emotional factors. Consultations and coaching suggestions are based on these factors, as well as the AO Scan results, for a truly customized regimen, so you get results.
Appointments Include
  • AO Scan, Report and Consultation
  • Diet & Nutrition plans
  • Herbs & Supplement regimens
  • Mental and Emotional Counseling
  • Lifestyle Coaching
David's Review
"Temna’s consultations and coaching style is
unique and will inspire you to stick to the
Cyndi's Reflection
"Temna not only provides the diet, nutrition,
and supplement recommendations you need
to feel better, but she explains wellness in a
way that gives you "ah-ha" moments, to
change your perspective about health!"

Corporate Wellness Consultant

Corporate Services

Investing in employee wellness is incredibly valuable! Studies show that companies who provide consistent Mental Health and Wellness support:
  • Improves productivity
  • Reduce healthcare costs.
  • Increases morale.
  • Promotes job satisfaction.
  • Increases performance.
  • Improves health and cohesion of the employees and teams.
Temna works privately, one on one, or with teams to focus on stress management, nutrition, workplace ergonomics, and overall health education to support mental health and prevent burnout.
Depending on your company's specific needs and goals, Temna offers customized solutions, such as employee wellness workshops, seminars, one on one weekly, monthly or quarterly coaching.

Motivational Speaker


You to ACTION!

An effective keynote speaker provides inspiration and motivation to the audience. Temna’s hypnotic, spicy, flagrant, flowing presentations are the “Key Notes” to any conference, meeting or event. Her proven formula will inspire and motivate the audience to implement and heal!


Anxiety & Depression
Heal your Mind
Perspective change to bring prosperity
Mental health manifests wealth
Retain your Brain
Detox from Negative People
Change your Perspective to Prosper
Less Stress for Success

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