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I can bring fresh and unique perspectives to the table, helping employees to think outside the box and generate new ideas. Motivate and inspire employees, boosting morale and creating a more positive workplace culture. Company's that work with me report improved productivity, increased employee engagement, and an overall more successful and thriving business.

“Temna’s energy is contagious, hypnotizing, mesmorizing, and motivates me to exceed expectations.”

Speaking Topics:

Customizable Topics upon request

Mindfulness and stress reduction
Practices for reducing stress
Simple tips to improve overall well-being
Prosper in health and manifest wealth
Create a tribe with good vibes
Move it or lose it - a lesson in exercise
Daily wellness routines for mental health
Tips to improve sleep hygiene
Same job, different perspective
How to be healthy in an unhealthy world
Resilience to preserve mental sanity
It’s not how motivated you are, it's how disciplined you are.
Additional Topics
Rebuild each person, and you will rebuild a team.
Reflect back only to heal and move forward in your life
Prioritizing mental health
Tips on eating well at work
Temna’s Fundamental Five for Health
Sugars affect your mental health.
Meditations and Clearing
Transform into the dynamic human you are meant to be.
Creating your culture of health
Self-care is health care
The Struggle is Real - healthy living made easy 
Clarity instead of Clutter- an interactive journey to sort out the mental
Unlock the root of your bad habits.
How to Promote work-life balance
Ancestors role in your mental health
Sugar, the most addictive substance
Herbal Medicine, Supplements, Essential Oils and you.

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