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My passion is to share the AO technology app, by Solex, as a wellness solution, because I care about people's health! The AO technology app gives people the opportunity to put their health back into their own hands. If you share the same passion and you say “yes” to the following,

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Remote Ao health scans

Chakras & Meridians

Discover where your 7 chakras and 12 meridians may be energetically out of balance, which may lead to symptoms and disease.

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Inner Voice

Did you know? 85% of your mental health effects your physical health! Discover what emotions are impacting your health and well-being.

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Food Sensitivies

Discover what foods your body may be sensitive to due to various food stressors, triggers, digestive challenges, and overall gut health

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Blood Analysis

Discover on a cellular level, before imbalances manifest in blood tests, what blood components and other areas in the blood are out of balance.

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Nutrition & Herbs

Discover your body's nutritional and supplemental needs. This changes on a daily basis!

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Discover which factors, such as emotional stress, toxins and genetics are affecting your gastrointestinal system.

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Physical Function

Discover the physical functionality of your whole body: bones, muscle, brain, heart, lung, liver, immune, hormones, you name it.

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Discover potential heavy metals, bacteria, fungus, molds, viruses and parasites that are effecting your body.

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