AO Health Scans

"I couldn't believe the accuracy of the report."

AO Remote Health Scans

Non-invasive, no-blood-drawn, remote body scans.

"I did my first scan, and I couldn't believe the accuracy of the report!"

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AO Mental & Emotional Health Scans

Chakras and Meridians

Chakras and meridians are an extension of your neuro-endocrine system. Discover where your 7 chakras and 12 meridians may be energetically out of balance, which may lead to symptoms and disease.

Inner Voice

Did you know? 85% of your mental health effects your physical health! Discover what emotions are impacting your health and well-being.

AO Physical Health Scans

Food Sensitivities

Discover what foods your body may be sensitive to due to food stressors, triggers, and digestive challenges.

Blood Analysis

Discover on a cellular level, before imbalances manifest in blood tests, what blood components and other areas in the blood are out of balance.

Nutritional/Supplement Anaylsis

Get insight into your nutritional and supplemental needs.

Gastrointestinal Function

Discover which factors, such as emotional stress, toxins and genetics are affecting your gastrointestinal system.

Physical Functionality

Discover the physical functionality of your bones, muscle, brain nerve, cardiovascular/ cerebrovascular, lung, liver, gall bladder, kidney, immune, hormones, reproductive, thyroid, skin, eyes, non-invasively.


Discover potential heavy metals, bacteria, fungus, molds, viruses and parasites that are effecting your body.

DIY Unlimited Scans and More!

AO Scan App Monthly Subscription, $149

With the subscription to the AO Scan app, you have access to the AO Scan technology 24/7! You can scan, optimize, broadcast, imprint frequencies, and more anytime, anywhere. It is healthcare in the palm of your hands!

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The AO software technology is in an app form! This means you can access the technology on any android, Iphone, tablet or laptop. It's having your health in the palm of your hands!

The AO App offers:

Health Scans and Reports

Quick Scan for Supplements

Custom Mental and Emotional Balancing Harmonics

Cellular Frequency Optimization

Frequency Imprinting

Frequency Broadcasting

For Pets too!

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