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AO Technology App FAQ

Policy FAQ

Can I use my HSA or FSA for payment?

Yes. Clients can use HSA and FSA for services, consultations, coaching, scans, herbs and supplements. Be sure to confirm with your HSA or FSA provider

What are your cancellation policy, terms and conditions?

Cancellation policy: It is a courtesy to other clients as well as the practitioner, to give an 8 hour cancellation notice by email to or text 704.368.4447.

A 50% courtesy fee will be applied for any late cancellations. No shows will incur a fee of 100% of the appointment cost.

If this courtesy is not paid in full in 24 hours, the client assumes responsibility and will no longer receive services from Temna QLA.

General FAQ

Can't I detoxify on my own?

Can’t my body just detoxify artificial sweeteners, colors, preservatives, additives, and chemicals on its own?

Yes! The body is an amazing machine and has the capability to detoxify. However, because of lifestyle habits and the environment, it can slow down the body’s ability to keep up with the load of toxins. The body gets overwhelmed, overloaded, and burdened.

It is a good idea to work together with Temna. She will work with you to smooth out the detox process.

Why take herbs?

Because herbs are neither a chemical or synthetic. Herbs are all natural and more bioavailable. They are plants that provide nutrients for the body. Some herbs are more potent then others so it is advised to seek the suggestions of a natural health professional during use.

Why eat healthy?

Why put good gas in your car? You want it to run well. It is the same for your body you need healthy nutrient-filled foods for your body to run at its optimal health potential.

Why drink water?

“Water is life. Without water the body can’t survive more than three days.”

Your body needs to be hydrated to 1. maintain healthy fluid levels, 2. to detoxify and support kidney functionality, 3. to transport nutrients from our foods and supplements all around the body.

The following constitute water/fluid intake:

  • Herbal teas (hot or cold)
  • Fruit/Vegetable infused water
  • Lemon water
  • Soup-Broth
Why exercise?

To help the body move toxins. This can be likened to a person who does not exercise and does not move – their body and functionality of their systems will become stagnant and they will become a perfect host for bacteria, parasites, and toxins, which in time turn to symptoms and disease.

The oxygen that goes into a moving bubbling brook prevents bacteria from growing by promoting movement and not being stagnant. It is the same with our bodies – when we exercise, we are bringing in oxygen, increasing blood flow, and bringing nutrients to weak/injured areas. All of which helps with detoxification, clean tissues, clean cells, and a clean body, and keeps the body happy and functioning properly.

Tell yourself you are doing “therapeutic movements” instead of the word “exercise”.

Why take supplements?

FACT: JAMA states that every American needs to supplement their diet. Necessary minerals are depleted from our soil which cause the foods we eat to not have their full nutritional potential. Therefore, the consumer needs to supplement to make up what nutrients are lost in the foods we eat.

For example: You would have to consume 4 cups of spinach daily to equal the daily recommended amount of calcium which is 1000 mg. Whereas you could supplement calcium with 1-2 tablets per day.

Another point to consider is, you might already have a micro-nutrient deficiency that needs to be supplemented. Supplements can fill in the gaps until your body can catch back up. It’s like giving a car a jump start. The car has a battery but if the battery dies you need to give it a jump start.

Should I take herbs and supplements during a menstrual cycle?

With the exception of Red Raspberry Leaf tea or Yarrow, Temna suggests not to take any green plant herbs. These herbs contain Vitamin K which is a clotting agent. Supplements are fine unless otherwise suggested by your medical practicioner.

How long does it take to notice a difference once I start my suggested regimen?

Anywhere from 1 day to 5 days; it really depends on the person. It depends upon how intuitive you are with your body, how diligent you are with your program, and it depends on each body, each case. Please feel free to reach out to Temna if you have any questions along the way.

What "symptoms" should I expect to experience during the the detox?

During this process of regeneration, lasting about 10 days to several weeks, the body will have days of vibrant energy and “feel good” and a few days in between when the body doesn’t feel so well. Why?

When the body “feels good” it now has the strength and “ammunition” to get rid of unwanted toxins that can cause symptoms and disease.

Drink plenty of water and rest on these days, to flush out these toxins so they don’t cycle back into the system and create some of the following symptoms:

Headaches, fever, chills, colds, flu-like symptoms, sinus drainage, mucous, diarrhea, constipation, skin eruptions, fatigue, sluggishness, irritability, depression, frequent urination, etc…

Suddenly you feel better than you’ve felt in years! As the body becomes pure, you will reach your optimal health potential.


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