It’s completely understandable why many people seek to save money on health assessments. The costs associated with healthcare can add up quickly, especially when treatments like biofeedback are not covered by insurance.

Additionally, those who have already spent considerable amounts on healthcare or are living on a fixed income, such as a pension, feel the financial burden even more acutely. This makes finding affordable health assessment options a necessity for managing health expenses effectively.

5 Ways Temna’s Services Save Money

1. AO Scan Subscriber

Definition: AO Biofeedback Scan Subscribers offers various membership plans that allow users to access biofeedback scans at reduced rates over a period of time. These plans often include multiple scans or even unlimited scans at a fixed, discounted price.

Cost Savings: By subscribing, individuals can save money in the long run. These packages are priced lower than the cost of individual scans, making regular use more economically viable. This is particularly beneficial for those who require frequent health monitoring, as it significantly lowers the financial barrier to continuous care.

2. Bundled Services

Definition: TemnaQLA offers bundles that combine AO Scans with consulting services. These bundles provide a comprehensive health assessment package.

Cost Savings: Bundling services generally comes at a reduced cost compared to purchasing each service separately. This not only provides a financial benefit but also ensures a more holistic approach to health management, potentially reducing the need for further diagnostic testing.

3. DIY Biofeedback Scanning

Definition: Do It Yourself (DIY) scanning allows individuals who are familiar with AO Scan technology to perform their own scans and subsequent assessments.

Cost Savings: This is an option that can reduce overall expenditure on health assessments. However, sooner or later we find that people quickly realize that there is a sharp and costly learning curve required before they can accurately interpret a Biofeedback assessment.

For this reason, we see the DIY approach as an initial gateway to get familiar with AO Scans. However, to get the most benefit from the scans without spending the time and money it takes to become professional, we suggest using our professional consultation services as soon as possible.

4. Referrals

Definition: Referrals describe the process of telling friends and family about AO Biofeedback Scans. Existing customers can earn cashback or discounts for every new client they refer who makes a purchase.

Cost Savings: This method can significantly reduce the cost of future scans. TemnaQLA can tell you more about great referral programs which can be an excellent way to decrease personal expenses while also promoting a service that one values.

5. Unlimited Scans

Definition: Some plans offer unlimited scans for a fixed period subscription, providing users with the freedom to undergo as many scans as needed during the subscription period.

Cost Savings: Opting for an unlimited scan plan can drastically reduce the average cost per scan, especially for those who require frequent monitoring. This can be a cost-effective solution for ongoing health management, making it easier to maintain regular health checks without financial strain.


We Work Hard to Get You the Best Health Assessment Tool Available Affordably

At TemnaQLA, we are committed to providing you with top-tier health assessment tools that give more value as return on investment. We understand the financial pressures that can come with managing health, especially when dealing with conditions that require ongoing monitoring and care.

How To Get Unlimited Scans and Paid Bundled Consultations with Temna

To maximize your investment in health, TemnaQLA can connect you to options for unlimited scans and paid bundled consultations packages. With the options we provide, you can ensure regular and comprehensive health assessments without the burden of repeated costs.

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