No health assessment test can be considered 100% accurate. All health tests must factor in inaccuracies due to various factors.

For example, many medical test such as lab test are subject to external factors such as stress, medications, and technical issues which can skew test results. Statistical variability and reproducibility issues can also introduce inconsistencies. Also we have to factor biological variability in individuals, including differences in age, genetics, and lifestyle which can affect how the body responds to tests.

Considering the reality of these factors means that the goal of any health assessment test is to reduce the factors that can skew test results. In other words, nothing is 100% accurate, but we should be able to get pretty darn close.

That’s where the AO Biofeedback Scans shine. Here’s why.

Here’s three reasons why AO Biofeedback Scans Shine

  1. Based on a fixed marker. The scan compares frequencies from the body to fixed frequencies from a target. Just like a musical note, say middle C has a constant frequency that never changes, all things in our world also have a unique frequency that never changes. The AO Biofeedback Scan basis its analysis on these constant frequencies as the fixed marker
  2. Feedback Loop: AO biofeedback provides immediate feedback on how the body responds to various interventions, treatments, and stimuli. This immediate feedback loop enables health professionals to adjust strategies in real-time. They reduce the lag needed to see if the body is responding appropriately, or if any interventions are effective.
  3. Individualized Baseline: The technology creates a baseline for each individual, allowing for personalized health assessments and progress tracking. By comparing current biofeedback data to an individual’s baseline, AO biofeedback scanning can record changes in health status and guide better plans toward health goals.

Bonus reasons to consider

Another key factor contributing to its accuracy is the use of advanced algorithms. These algorithms analyze a wide range of data points, correlating them with the quality of health.

Add to this the evidence-based validation of AO biofeedback technology. It has undergone rigorous testing in clinical studies, ensuring its methods are scientifically sound. This validation reinforces the reliability of the results, allowing health professionals to accept the data and make informed decisions about their patients’ health.


The repeatability of AO biofeedback scanning offers consistent results over time. This consistency allows health consultants to track progress accurately and make data-driven decisions based on reliable information.

This repeatability, combined with the comprehensive data collection, advanced algorithms, and non-invasive nature, ensures the quality of AO biofeedback scanning, making it a valuable tool.

Get an accurate AO Biofeedback Scan from TemnaQLA

To get a scan from TemnaQLA, first, book an appointment online or over the phone. During your appointment, a comprehensive AO biofeedback scan will be conducted, collecting physiological data. Afterward, you can choose to read their report or take the better option, which is to consult with Temna, a professional health consultant, for an in-depth analysis.

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