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What is AO Scanning?

The AO Scan app, gives you the ability to scan, optimize, broadcast and imprint frequencies anytime, anywhere from any iPhone, android, tablet or laptop with internet!

  • Body health scans and reports
  • Mental and emotional wellness scans
  • Customized frequency tones
  • Customize affirmations with music
  • Imprint supplement frequencies to take the guesswork out of what to take
  • And more...

Temna’s #1 preferred frequency biofeedback scan. Frequency scanning is a noninvasive, no blood drawn method that shows imbalances in the body before they manifest in blood tests, your physical, mental, and emotional states, and anything else that you can think of. This is health on the quantum level!

What You Need to Know

AO Scan & Services FAQs

What does the AO Scan app do?

AO technology app is the world’s premier mobile frequency app!

  • Monitor your mental, emotional and physical health with the AO Scans
  • Listen to custom balancing frequency tones to support mental and emotional health.
  • Take the guesswork out of what supplements to take, with the AO Quick Scan feature.
  • Optimize, or balance, frequencies on a cellular level. When the cells frequencies are in balance, the organ functions better.
  • Imprint frequencies into imprintable items, such as sucrose pellets to make your own homeopathics.
  • Broadcast frequencies at any time or any location. These frequencies assist you in keeping your body, mind and emotions in balance.
  • The AO subscription allows you, your family and pets to use anytime, anywhere.
Can I get the AO Scan app from my app store?

No. You need to get the app through a SOLEX independent affiliate or QLA (Quantum Living Advocate). Temna is a QLA for Solex and offers additional perks for her group. Click here to get the AO app with Temna as your QLA. If you have questions call or text 704-368-4447.

How often should I use AO scan™ app?

The AO Scan™ holds scans and features that can be used multiple times a day. At the same time, we always recommend listening to your body to determine which specific scan or features would be of most benefit to you at the moment.

How does AO technology work with those frequencies and energies?

It works in two steps. First, it reads the frequencies in the body. Second, it sends specific frequencies back to the body. This allows your out of balance frequencies to be optimized. For a deeper dive in how it works, take a look at my AO by Solex website. Click here.

What’s the big deal about frequencies? And why is balancing your frequencies important?

Everything has a frequency. Quality of life is a big deal and frequencies play a major role in your physical and mental health and well being. If your body’s energy frequencies are out of balance it leads to mental and physical illness. 

How do frequencies influence my mental and physical health?

First you need to understand that everything is energy and frequency. To give you an example, think about this. Has someone ever walked into a room and gave you an uneasy feeling? You may not know exactly what it is or why you feel that way, but something isn’t right. What you are feeling is energy and you’re experiencing that energy in real time. Who knows, maybe that person had an argument earlier or just received some really bad news that residual frequency of that energy from the argument or bad news lingers and affects you, in this case, in a negative way.  

Now think about this scenario. You are at your happy place. Maybe at the beach, or mountains, the sun is bright and the birds are singing and you just feel a sense of well-being and contentment. Again you are experiencing energy. This time the energy of the place is very uplifting and has a positive effect on your emotions and body. 

So understand that even though you can’t see, touch or even fully explain what energy is, it has a profound effect on our mental and physical well-being.  

Every body part has a unique frequency for optimal functioning. If any given body part is operating too high or too low it can lead to discomfort, illness, disease. The more parts that are off balance the worse we feel. Frequencies also apply to emotions. If your emotional frequencies get too far off, you can get sad, anxious and depressed, lethargic and irritable.

Is the AO Scan safe for children?

Yes! The AO Scan™ is non-invasive and safe for kids.

Can AO Scan™ be used with pets?

Yes! Remember everything living has a frequency. The AO Scan™ has scans and features specifically for your dog, cat, horse and other beloved pets.

Is it easy to use?

People have enjoyed the AO Scanner because it is user friendly. Like any new device or technology, you will learn how to use it with the Basic Training videos provided by Solex.  These short videos are the perfect resource to help you learn this amazing technology!

Should I continue taking my medications?

Yes! Always continue taking your medications. All medication Q&A should be addressed to your doctor. Never stop taking medications without consulting with your doctor first.

What are the benefits of using AO Scan technology?

The AO Scan Technology program is a unique educational tool that can help you learn about how your body is performing. It communicates with the body via subtle bio-frequencies and electromagnetic signals to identify the areas that may be out of balance. By identifying those areas that may need assistance, you can then make the proper lifestyle changes to optimize your health and reach a state of harmony and balance.

Why does Temna use the AO Scan and technology software?

“From my personal experience, the AO Scan has proven to be the most accurate, non-invasive and convenient biofeedback scanner available.”

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