Some people may feel that AO Biofeedback Scans are expensive. For individuals accustomed to medical lab tests, the price of an AO biofeedback scan may seem high in comparison, especially when considering its unique nature and benefits. This relative perception may lead some to view it as an expensive option.

But is it? Let’s consider some hidden factors

Do AO Biofeedback Scans actually Cost More?

In short, typically, no. Let’s look at this question from a few angles, and see why.

Is the holistic service bundled or separate?

As with many health assessment tests, the scans are administered by or in consultation with trained health professionals, whose expertise adds value but also increases the cost. In the hospital setting, the billing for the scan or test is typically separate from the consultation time and treatment.

In the case of the AO Biofeedback Scans most likely these services are bundled. In other words, you are often paying once not only for the scan, but also professional consultation based on the scan.

The comprehensive nature of the service, including analysis and interpretation, can make a lab test seem less expensive compared to an AO Biofeedback scan, but when you add up the full bundle of services and compare apples to apples, AO Biofeedback is typically far cheaper.

Limited Insurance Coverage

Limited insurance coverage can also contribute to the perceived cost. Depending on the region and health insurance plans, AO biofeedback scans might not be covered or might only be partially covered by insurance, leaving individuals to pay out of pocket and making the cost seem more substantial.

That being said, often a health imbalance can be discovered in one Biofeedback scan, whereas medical lab test may take several attempts before diagnosis. Simple math concludes that it is always cheaper to pay for one scan than several scans with or without insurance coverage. Finding a “needle in the haystack” with a full body scan covers more ground as compared to the trial and error approach of medical lab tests.

Misconceptions about Holistic Health Costs

AO scans utilize advanced algorithms and technology to provide comprehensive health indicators, which can appear costly compared to conventional lab tests that focus on specific metrics like blood work or imaging. This unique, holistic approach may lead people to view AO scans as a pricier option.

However, AO biofeedback scans offer comprehensive data that enables personalized health strategies, addressing potential root causes rather than just symptoms. This can reduce the need for multiple tests and interventions in the long run, leading to cost savings.

Furthermore, the immediate feedback provided by AO scans allows for real-time adjustments to health journey plans These adjustments can tend to fast track people towards reaching their health goals.

More bang for the buck

All things considered, this comprehensive approach can not only improve the likelihood of better health outcomes, but also makes AO biofeedback scans a valuable investment that can ultimately save money over time. There is more bang for the buck in AO scans holistic assessment approach.

Maximize Value with TemnaQLA’s holistic approach

TemnaQLA’s holistic approach is truly holistic. We offer full comprehensive AO biofeedback scans to provide a personalized health assessment. This individualized data collection addresses root causes of health issues, reducing the need for repeated tests and interventions, leading to long-term cost savings.

Remote Ao health scans

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