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Temna will work with you to see if her wellness approach supports your health concerns, answer any questions you have, and design a program that will get you feeling better than you ever have.

Mental & Emotional Health

Remote AO Scans

Noninvasive, remote body scans that you can do from anywhere! Purchase a scan that resonates with you and see the magic for yourself in a full detailed report sent directly to you.

Coaching & Consulting

Corporate Services

From employee enrichment, speaking opportunities to corporate retreats, Temna brings a fresh perspective that motivates employees, boosts morale, and creates a positive culture.

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Monday – Thursday 9am – 3pm (EST)

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Remote Ao health scans

Chakras & Meridians

Discover where your 7 chakras and 12 meridians may be energetically out of balance, which may lead to symptoms and disease.

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Inner Voice

Did you know? 85% of your mental health effects your physical health! Discover what emotions are impacting your health and well-being.

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Food Sensitivies

Discover what foods your body may be sensitive to due to various food stressors, triggers, digestive challenges, and overall gut health

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Blood Analysis

Discover on a cellular level, before imbalances manifest in blood tests, what blood components and other areas in the blood are out of balance.

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Nutrition & Herbs

Discover your body's nutritional and supplemental needs. This changes on a daily basis!

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Discover which factors, such as emotional stress, toxins and genetics are affecting your gastrointestinal system.

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Physical Function

Discover the physical functionality of your whole body: bones, muscle, brain, heart, lung, liver, immune, hormones, you name it.

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Discover potential heavy metals, bacteria, fungus, molds, viruses and parasites that are effecting your body.

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