AO Pet Scan Services

AO Remote Pet Scans

Remote, Non-Invasive Scans

AO scans are a remote, non-invasive way to discover imbalances in your pet's body. The reports generated can be used as health resources for personal or professional insight, for your animal pet's health.

Pet Health Scans

All living creatures have frequencies and are able to be scanned.

Scan includes report. Does not include consultation.

Food Sensitivities, $55

Discover what foods your pet's body may be sensitive to due to food stressors, triggers, and digestive challenges.

Physical Functionality, $65

Insight on the physical functionality of your pets bones, muscle, brain nerve, cardiovascular/cerebrovascular, lung, liver, gallbladder, kidney, immune, hormones, reproductive, thyroid, skin and eyes

Nutritional Analysis, $55

Get insight into your pets nutritional needs.

Gastrointestinal Function, $55

Discover where and why your pet’s gut is stressed.

Blood Analysis, $50

Discover what your pet's blood components and other areas in the blood are challenged on a cellular level.

Toxicities, $55

Discover potential environmental and chemical sensitivities your pet has, including potential parasites & harmful bacteria.

Mental Emotional Scan, $65

Discover what your pet is mentally and emotionally challenged with.

Subscribe & Thrive

Did you know AO offers an unlimited subscription to the technology?  

This exciting news means that with the AO Mobile Device & Preferred Customer subscription, you can scan, optimize, broadcast, imprint frequencies for you and your animal friends anytime anywhere! 

How Does it Work?

Watch our quick video that explains how AO Scans are a remote, non-invasive way to discover imbalances in your pets body!

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