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AO Services

Remote, Non-Invasive Scans

AO scans are a remote, non-invasive way to discover imbalances in the body. The generated reports are used as educational tools for personal or practioner insight, on your health.

"Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies."

Albert Einstein

Additional AO Scans

AO Report Consultation, $110

Even though the reports are reader friendly, if you would like additional insight schedule this one on one remote consultation service with Temna.

AO Frequency Optimization, $25

This is a remote, non-invasive service.

By optimizing your frequencies you support the bodies ability to open pathways so oxygen, blood, nutrients, etc can function or flow at their optimal potential.

AO Frequency Medicine Playlist Support, $110

Over 3 decades of experience, intuitively inclined, Temna will help you customize the perfect frequency matrix playlist for you.

AO Frequency Imprint Support, $110 

Temna will help you customize your frequency playlist and imprint frequencies into your imprintable devices.

AO device needed. Don't have a device?

Unlimited Subscription

AO Scans, Reports, Frequency Optimization and More...

How does it work?

Watch our quick video that explains how AO Scans are a remote, non-invasive way to discover imbalances in the body!

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